The Bacolod Business Portal offers companies and customers a good way to find their needs. For companies to get easy public relations and for customers to know fast where they can buy and get what they want.

Sunshine Media started this project motivated for this reason. We have seen before that it is not easy to find some specific business in Bacolod over the internet. It was frustrating to search a long time for a shop or a company, only to find an old entry with wrong, old or no email-address or phone number. We want to change that. Be a part of a developing regional search-engine, where customers can find you and your companies information here in Bacolod.

That you find us here in the web shows that your first step to better advertise your business has started. With the entry in the Bacolod Business Portal you will be easily found and let the customers know the important things about you. For companies it’s important to get new customers. And customers pay only attention to you when they know that your company is out there and can provide what they are looking for. Let them know where your business is located, how they can contact you, what services or products you offer. Even you are in other listings somewhere, you should use the chance with a new local entry here to spread information about your business in the world wide web. Additionaly you can choose deluxe entries or advertising-packages on the frontpage or aside the search listing at a fair price but with useful advertise-effect.

That you can find easily the company you are looking for (provided that the company/service have an entry). Enter in the advanced search area a specific street, business, service and all companys which are related to the keywords will be shown. Or click simple search without entering keywords, then all Listings in Bacolod will be shown. You get fast all informations you need to get in contact with the company, only with a few clicks. You don’t have to go out to search for a shop or ask around. With this site you also support the local companies in Bacolod.

But our listings are not only for business owners. We also offer listings for EVENTS/PARTIES of all kind or HOUSE RENT/SALE. These listings are offered as free basic listings and as deluxe pay listings with additional features like pictures, videos, enhanced display etc. Feel free to explore our directory and find the informations you are looking for.

Please keep in mind that this is a developing and growing service. With time, the sum of the entries will grow and develope a better overview of Bacolod companies.

Do something for your company or your local shops. Create an entry or search as a customer in the Bacolod Business Portal. All of you will gain from that.

Your BBP-Team
from Sunshine Media