Bacolod MasksBacolod “City of Smiles” is located on the Philippine Island Negros (Province Negros Occidental) in the Western Visayas region. Negros is one of the largest islands of the Philippines. Bacolod archived 2005 the title of the cleanest and greenest city of the Philippines.

Here is a rough overview about Bacolod City. Bacolod was founded approximate in 1770 from the colonializing Spains. The city grows too through trading and the sugarcane plantages, which attracted many workers from the surrounding islands. Around 1897 a revolution war against the Spains where won, while the Spains surrendered. After that Negros Island called out a republic and Bacolod rised to the capital city.

Around 1900 the american colonial period started. From this time on many american influence flow into the Philippine culture. In World War 2 the Japanese Army occupied Bacolod for some years. But was set free through the combined Philippine and American Forces. After that Bacolod City gains the status of a democratic Philippine city fully independent from the U.S.

Bacolod LagoonToday Bacolod City is located on the northwestern coast of Negros Occidental and is composed of over 60 Barangays. The population is around 520,000. The city is accessible by sea through ports and by air through a airport. The weather in Bacolod have two main seasons (wet and dry). The rain season is from May to January and the dry season from February to April/May. The climate is over the year between 22-34°C.

Bacolod is one of the Philippines fastest growing economy. The city contains many banks, callcenters, restaurants and aggriculture (sugarcane, rice, vegetable, coconut, banana and corn).

Two mainspots in Bacolod are the Lagoon Park and the Public Plaza, two smaller nice parks, where people can have a break and meet with friends.

Every year on october 19. the MassKara-Festival will be held in Bacolod to honor the city founding. Colorful and with plenty costumed dancing groups with smiling masks, from which the nickname “City of Smiles” comes from. A big event, which is always visited from people of the Philippines and around the world.